What We Do

On the third Thursday and fourth Monday of every month, a team of 3-5 ladies bring gifts, baked goods, dinner, or flowers to the workers at six of the strip clubs in Indianapolis…reaching over 175 people each month! We go into these clubs to show the workers the unconditional love of Christ, and to build relationships.

Each outreach is covered in prayer, locally and around the world. We have a network of prayer warriors praying for each of these precious women we encounter.

We offer mentoring, encouragement, and a listening ear to women who contact us.  This is sometimes done more formally, but often happens organically through deep friendship.

We are connected to several non-profits and social services throughout the city, and are continually working to expand that network. We work as connectors to connect ladies to services to help whatever needs they may have.

We offer special events throughout the year for the ladies to connect with our team, and further deepen our friendship. You can see what events are coming up on our events page.

Bible Study:

Once a month, we have a bible study we invite our club friends to. This is a great first step for anyone curious about Jesus, but not comfortable with the idea of church just yet. We also have individual bible studies with friends from the club who want to know more about God more regularly.

A church family:
Curious about church? At Indy Metro Church, we welcome you to come explore with us. It doesn’t matter if you love God, hate God, or are just confused by God. You are welcome at our church to learn and grow on your journey.