Church partnerships are an important aspect of Unconditional. We believe in the power of the local church as God’s catalyst for change in our world. Churches can partner in a variety of ways.

Financial Partner:
Churches can commit to donating a set monthly amount to Unconditional, and the services they offer.
Churches can commit to a one-time donation.

Club Sponsorship:
Churches or small groups within the church can commit to sponsoring a club for one or more months. They can choose to either donate financially to cover that month, or to gather the gifts for the month. Our leadership team and the church will discuss what gifts or treats will best work for that month.

Prayer Partner:
Unconditional does not underestimate the power of prayer. During each outreach, we have a group of individuals praying for our team during the duration of the outreach. Churches can partner with us by organizing another prayer team to pray for us on a monthly or weekly basis.

Unconditional can come speak at your small group or church service about the ministry and the sex industry in Indianapolis.

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